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20 April 2015

    This particular brand of violence is a disease and it just keeps spreading. Maybe the core problem isn’t the weapon of choice, but the mentality that rationalizes mass acts of violence as an acceptable response to stress.

  No, you’re not stoned. The new frog definitely looks like Kermit. I wonder if its wondering what we’re all staring at.

  Don’t worry, guys. I found where the souls of the bitter and miserable go after they die. Yep, it’s the aptly named supervoid.

  Image Source: Reuters   The droids are taking your jobs. What now?

  I don’t think it ever occurred to me that someone might want to eliminate FM radio, but if the need is no longer there, then why continue when you’ve got the internet? Change waits for no one, y’all.

  The world needs access. We need to fully understand how small this rock really is and how many of us there really are. The Internet seems like the ideal platform for this sort of mega-project, so I can't wait to see how this plays out.