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17 April 2015

I’m pretty much down with anything that can print cute, fuzzy things. Where do I sign up and when can I expect to print out a flying car that turns into a briefcase?

Oh God my dog doesn’t love me, he’s just addicted to the oxy his brain produces when we looking lovingly into one another’s eyes. Unconditional love, my ass. JK my dogs are my family.


I don’t know that opting out of having kids is an empirically selfish choice. Sure, some folks do it for self-serving reasons, but I don’t think everyone operates with the same motives. Sometimes some folks opt out in an attempt to do the right thing, the informed thing, and the thing that feels just.


Image Source ESPN via the Mercury News

See what I mean about everybody talkin’ ‘bout they want a better, kinder world and yet when it comes down to them choosing that world or choosing to lose their shit on a cashier, they choose to lose their shit? Utopia, much like happiness, is a choice.

It’s an interesting neighborhood and that’s both good and bad, I guess that’s what makes it one of the more remarkable places in a city that’s made up of famous neighborhoods.

And in the spirit of the weekend and in celebration of knowledge being the highest power: