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16 April 2015

    Back when I lived on the East Coast people would confuse me quite often for someone they knew. When I’d stop to let them know that I wasn’t whomever they were yelling for, they’d look genuinely shocked. Weird, right? Well, when it happens more than a handful of times it’s downright creepy. I legitimately thought people were just messing with me, but they never were. I always wanted to find this girl, but never knew how to go about doing so. This kind of thing ever happen to you?

  We give millennials a lot of crap, but they’re not dumb as rocks, guys. They learned from our mistakes and the mistakes of our fathers. Good on them. Hopefully, though, it’s not too late for us all to get our act together. Who am I kidding? It’s never too late.

  I have to admit, this is kind of amazing. I do miss being able to challenge the player sitting on the couch next to me. If this is what it’s going to take to get that accomplished, so be it. I’m lookin’ at you, game developers.

  Image Source: WikiHow   I’ll take all the help I can get considering the one time I felt the earth shake, I couldn’t wake up my husband or the dogs. I thought someone was rattling our window, trying to break in and so I shook my husband and tried to wake him. He wouldn’t budge and the resulting ruckus didn’t even phase the pets. By the time I figured out it was a mild earthquake, I was falling back to sleep without so much as a twitch from anyone else.

  We all need better sleep. For me, I think that means I need a bigger bed. Small dogs take up big spaces. Plus, then I’d feel less afraid of smothering the little one while sleeping. Having thoughts that are less morbid would probably help too, huh?

  Don’t get me wrong, this is great and everything, but call me when Amazon’s doing it with free shipping and the Dash button.