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14 April 2015

    I had a woman ask me to switch with her recently. She had a middle seat a few rows behind me and I had an aisle seat, which I’d made sure to secure before I even got to the airport. When she snootily asked if I’d swap with her because she needed to be more comfortable, I laughed in her face, shook my head and said no because I enjoy comfort too, so much so I did my best to arrange for it ahead of time.

  Sometimes it’s good to be a dummy; at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

  I’m glad they got that sorted. Still, I don’t believe absolutely everything can be rationalized. I’m one of those suckers that lives for the magic that fits in the space between what can and can’t be explained. Science is cool because it helps you distinguish between the two.

  Image Source: Glenna Gordon via Time   I think their captors said most of them had already been “married off.” They should be in school learning and they’ve been married off with no hope of return. All the news articles in the world don’t seem to be bringing anyone back. Maybe it’s time the Nigerian government gives these girls' lives the importance they deserve.

  Oh good. Welp, looks like if there’s a stick nearby, I’ll be sure to have the short end of it in no time.

  You know, this search is taking way longer than I actually thought it would. I refuse to believe we’re the smartest things out there. We just can't be. We still get bent out of shape over skin color and sexual preference. Nope. Not having it.

Image Source: jetravailledans1conservatoire.tumblr.com