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13 April 2015

    I hope it makes a difference because the right people still don’t care. How do I know? No one’s tried to bring them back yet.

  In case you’ve ever wondered how exactly the rich get richer. Below is an outline of step one.

  Good people with big, warm souls do exist and this is your proof.

Image Source: Spin

BREAKING - Old chicks making out with way younger dudes still grosses out America. Old dudes making out with / marrying much younger women, still acceptable (e.g. Steve Martin and Anne Stringfield, Donald and Melania Trump and last but not least, George and Amal Clooney). Note to all older women (self included) try not to act sexual, it scares not only the youth, but also the general populous. If you don’t believe me, go read the Internet, feel the outrage, embrace the disgust and then get back to me.


  Hrm, maybe if they just put Madonna’s old head on a young body, all that hate would dissipate.

  In other news, marijuana--much like aging--is not the antichrist.

  What should we consider to be the antichrist? People that run companies which knowingly steal water from drought stricken states like California. Our dustbowl will be your problem too if shit like this is left unchecked. How dare you, Nestle? You disgust me more than Madonna’s kiss disgusted Drake.