Come Fly With Me

Today I’m off to Texas to watch an old friend marry the love of his life.


Because I’ll be on my way to celebrate the power of love in a couple of hours, I don’t have time to put together a news post for you. I still have to pack; otherwise I’d be typing away hoping you laugh at one or two of my cornball current events jokes.

I know it feels like I’m abandoning you to go have fun, but that’s not it. OK, that’s totally it, but I still love you. I don’t love you as much as my friend loves his bride, but it’s pretty close. I’d marry all you guys and we could live a fabulous, poly-amorous life on a ranch somewhere in Wyoming. Why Wyoming? Because it’s beautiful, I drove through it to get from DC to Silicon Valley a couple of years ago.

Although, I should probably clear this plan with my husband, but he’s cool, so I’m sure he’d love you guys too. He’s also pretty damn hot, so you’d probably love him right back (but not too much because I will cut you).

Anyway, love is clearly in the air (or in my head, whichever) and if you’ve had a great week, it is time to celebrate.

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Even if you’ve had a bad week, it’s time to celebrate because it’s Friday and all sins are forgiven on this, the best day of the week.

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Go forth into the weekend invigorated and open to all the goodness that just might come your way. Enjoy and I'll see you back here on Monday. Also, I’ll be updating the SocialCOmotion Facebook page and maybe even posting a picture or two this weekend, so stay connected and try not to miss me too hard.

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