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27 March 2015

    I was wondering where they learned that chant because in the video they all sang it with conviction and you could almost feel the tradition in the cadence.

  I wonder why they decided against letting the special-needs kids have their own varsity letters. If these kids joined up, went to practice, played in games and dedicated a good chunk of their High School lives to these sports, then they too should be allowed to have their own varsity letters. Rules are rules, but fair is fair.

  Ellen Pao has lost. The jury has determined that she was not discriminated against because of her gender and Kleiner Perkins Caufield did not retaliate against her. It seems the jury agreed that her lack of advancement was due to her performance.

  Image Source: Emmanuel Foudrot via Reuters   It’s a shame that mental illness is never that big of a deal until it affects a large number of people, all at once. Let’s hope the people at Germanwings really didn’t know what was going on with this pilot’s mental health. If they did, that’s a horrific level of negligence and if they didn’t, well that just doesn’t look good either…

  From the article: Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, a Republican, said the law sends a "wrong signal" to visitors and could make the state seem unwelcoming. I don’t know what you’re thinking right now, but I’m thinking it’s a little too late to be using the words “could make.”

  If only logic weren’t relative.