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25 March 2015

    Fortunately or unfortunately--I still can’t decide which--dealing with that boy’s club atmosphere is a part of the game. Standing up for yourself when you’re being harassed just makes you look like a complainer and in corporate America, once you’re labeled a complainer, you become invisible--game over. It’s the atmosphere that needs changing, but that needs to happen outside of the office first. Our general perception that men and women are vastly different needs updating. We’re not really that different and we’re all human, so we should all quit bitching and start evolving.

  So, does this count as “stealing your jobs?” I’m curious since it’s the automakers themselves that are hopping over that border to give the jobs to fully legal Mexicans in Mexico.

  Today on Somebody’s Always Listening:

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Every last one of us old folks remembers We all went, even if we didn’t necessarily agree or approve of what we were seeing when we got there. I’m glad it’s over, though, considering it was one of the first sites that taught us how to numb the feels in order to keep clicking.

  The world becomes a smaller place with every one of these mega-deals and that’s both good and bad. How many mega corporations do you suppose it takes to run the business of everyday life?

  Me: This kind of stuff is why I’ll never be able to quit you, Google. Googs: I Know