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24 March 2015

    I do hope Nigeria is celebrating this great victory. By the looks of the people in the photo from the article, they’re ecstatic. You know what? When this is all over and they’ve (hopefully) squashed the last of Boko Haram and restored some sense of security to the people of Nigeria, they should make an official holiday to mark the triumph. Once that’s done, us Americans can come in, usurp whatever holiday the Nigerians heave dedicated, strip it of any real significance, associate funny (yet racist / bigoted costumes) with it, and start dying some beers. Anyone know Nigeria’s favorite color? We can’t do green, the Irish have dibs on that one.  

  I’m a lazy person, so I would greatly appreciate any advancements in technology that would allow me to pay bills without leaving my in-box. However, I'm also a realist, so that same technology scares me. I'm aware that with every tedious click that’s eliminated from my bill-paying routine, I’m giving up a slice of my privacy. What’s more concerning are the thoughts of what I’ve already given up to the likes of Google and Apple in the name of convenience. Soon there will be no place left to hide and that terrifies me.  

  See what I mean?

Image source: Joana Bruno/Steve Brusatte/Richard Butler/Octavio Mateus/Seb Steyer via livescience   Not too long ago I found a salamander in my driveway, on my way from the car to the front door. I got down close, checked him out and snapped a few pictures. I think I even Instagram-ed one of them. I know, I’m a loser, but it’s what I do. Anyway, while I was snapping away, I distinctly recall having the thought that this little guy was cute, but if he were much bigger than this, I’d be running in the opposite direction, hands flailing and skin crawling. It’s nice to know that not only dreams come true, but nightmares too. Life is so comforting sometimes, right?

  This is great. Now, if we could couple this with renewable energy sources, we’d be well on our way to the future. I can see it now, guys. The flying car that converts into a briefcase when you’ve reached your destination is just over there, on the horizon.

  About that celebration thing I was talking about earlier, yeah…. Scratch that. Not yet.