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23 March 2015

    Because when your number’s up, it doesn't matter where you are, whom you're with or what you're doing. Yep, at that most critical moment, life is just like Final Destination. Unfortunately for those involved, the loss experienced IRL doesn't end after just two popcorn-filled hours.

  Oh hey, look! Another sexual discrimination suit in Silicon Valley with the following text taken directly from the lawsuit: Promotion into Twitter’s senior technical positions is based on subjective judgments, by committees that are comprised of and dependent on upper management at Twitter, and predominantly male. These judgments are tainted with conscious or unconscious prejudices and gender-based stereotypes, which explains why so few women employees at Twitter advance to senior and leadership positions. <-Welcome to the hiring process in (I’m willing to bet) most big companies in these good ol’ United States of America. What can I say? I'm a sourpuss, pessimist, err realist, at heart.

  I doesn’t matter what you do, it just gets harder and harder not to upgrade a phone with every new incarnation. Nevertheless, you’re not winning this time, Samsung. I left the iPhone for always stringing me along like some sort of non-committal, update-driven lover and I can leave you too. All I need is a phone that doesn’t begin the walk into the Valley of the Shadow of Death with the first major software update. Can we kickstart that? Anyone?

  Image Source: BGR   Looks like somebody in R&D had a light bulb go off and I bet they realized they had been looking at their new product development outline backwards this whole time. Why Facebook thought it could, let alone should, sell an actual cell phone is beyond me. FB is successful because of its intangible nature. Making real things like friends, relationships and phone calls virtual is what they should stick to. When they do things the other way around it comes off as unnatural and absurd, much like that failed Facebook Phone.  

  Oh to have a fraction of the brilliant problem-solving skills folks like these employ on a daily basis. At night, when I dream, I’m smart like them and I kick ass like Jill Valentine. Image Source: Deviant Art

  Empowering one minute, embarrassing the next. Life as a woman now, then, tomorrow and likely forever will be replete with contradictions, double standards and unattainable beauty. Here’s to hoping I’m wrong and to the stories of those that came before.