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17 March 2015

    If Ryanair can pull this off, the world is going to be come an infinitely smaller place. The logic behind the low prices makes too much sense for this to fail. Here’s to the radically low-priced plane tickets of the near future. Five years isn’t too long to wait for serious savings.

  Twenty years, twenty years on the other hand, is a long-ass time to wait. If flying cars that convert into briefcases aren’t happening by then, I’m going to be pissed.

  Part of the problem is that race isn’t something to be taken lightly (or ignored). When you attempt to make race relations into small talk, much like the weather, you’re going to fail. Sure, we should talk about racism and desensitize ourselves to the right things for a change. Yes, we should feel free to be curious and ask questions, without fear of reprimand. It’s time to learn from our differences, but maybe we should give that ideological shift the respect it deserves. Let’s elevate that conversation about race and convert it into something more like a group discussion. Maybe we could engage in respectful and eye-opening discourse about race in places that are designed specifically for the exchange of ideas, you know, like schools. It’s time to put away the fear, talk it out and move past what divides us, y’all.


ComputerImage Source: Alamy via The Telegraph


It takes serious balls to watch porn at work. That pun wasn’t initially intended when the thought materialized in my brain, but now that it’s out there, I’m pretty happy with it.  

  Hey, Boston! *Whistles like a crazed, cartoon wolf.* Nice books!

  OK, wait. If self-driving cars are currently in a place where one of them can make a solo, cross-country trip, twenty years is entirely too long to wait to have one in my driveway. RenandStimpy Dear Self-Driving Cars,

This timeline is unacceptable. Why won't you take my money faster?

Best, Jane

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