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16 March 2015

    You wanna know what desperation looks like? It looks like a terrified moron, spray-painting his face black in an effort to doge the cops. His mug shot would be what not thinking things through looks like.

  Paying for Internet connectivity in Cuba, sounds like a day in the life of an AOL user in the early 90s. The local artist who is providing free Wi-Fi for the first time ever in Cuba is also absorbing the cost. Hopefully this results in the desired broadening of the Cuban people’s worldview. What a noble statement and such concise expression, I love it.

  I understand the sentiment, but it’s overkill to assume no one is thinking about the risk involved with computers that can learn. We’re all watching and waiting for the dawn of Skynet. No protest needed to get that point across.


Reuters Drought ImageImage Source: Robert Galbraith / Reuters via The Telegraph

  It doesn’t feel like enough people are worried about this. I mean, I’m worried about this, but I’m feeling alone as I watch my neighbor wash his car for the second time this week.

  Ahh yes, ignore our current state as we dream about the far-off future. I too enjoy being a dreamer, Mr. Cruz but you gotta wake up and smell the pollution some time. Besides, we’re going to need a place to call headquarters while we explore the universe in search of a new home, aren't we? You don’t let a lease run out before you've found a new place to stay, that's just dumb.

  Cool. Now apply that sentiment to your everyday life anyway because I guarantee you at least one of the electronic devices around you is listening in. I might be paranoid, but that doesn't mean I'm  wrong.