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06 March 2015

    Um, I don’t know how I feel about that. I’m all for the advancement of women in the work place, especially the executive-level work place, but I’ve never been a fan of quotas. To be completely honest, quotas scare me because they seem to bring out the worst in people. Here’s to hoping it works, Germany.

  I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little irritated. When I get menopause I get to feel uncomfortable, old, too hot, too cold, anxious and angry and whales, they get to be the leader of the pack. Why does nature mock me?

  See what I mean about all the bad news you get when you’re a woman? First, whales get better menopause benefits than we do and now, if we get sick we get divorced. Dammit, being female feels like a constant battle sometimes. Fortunately, it’s highly rewarding to go to sleep every night feeling like a goddamn goddess. Sadly, we’re still goddesses that are expected to take care of everyone around us because that’s just how things are. If we fail, we divorce. Sorry to be your friday Buzzkill, ladies.


Feeling fatImage Source: Elite Daily 

  Believe me when I say that I get it, no one should be shamed for what they look like or what they weigh. However, I feel fat all the time. Fat can indeed be a feeling and sure the status updte could be altered to say something like “bloated” or some other “less offensive” adjective, but maybe the word isn’t the problem. Maybe what we should do is refuse to allow the word ‘fat’ to terrify us. So what I propose instead is to own it. Sometimes fat is beautiful, other times it's not—just like with skinny. Instead of boycotting “feeling fat” on Facebook, we should figure out a way to boycott things like insanely altered images of bodies which do not exist in nature. I find that kind of thing infinitely more insidious and destructive than announcing that you’re feeling fat on the Internet.



Body ImageImage Source: Kidzword

  I mentioned this documentary a couple of days ago and I’m linking you to it again today because I think it’s important. A woman's body is her own and she should be able to do with it as she pleases, just like the men. The mentality of the rapists and the hordes of people that agree with him must be put to rest. Women are no longer possessions to be had, but people to be respected.

  Abuse of power is ugly, always and everywhere. Keep your eyes open and stay strong because this will affect all of us if it goes unchecked—every last one.