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05 March 2015

    I’m glad Ringling Brothers has decided to stop abusing elephants for show. It’s time we teach kids that animals aren’t for entertainment and should be respected. The only problem I have with this situation is that I keep reading about how happy PETA is. Who the hell cares what PETA thinks? PETA kills animals—many, many animals—regularly. PETA doesn’t want you to have pets and PETA is devoid of compassion when the cameras aren’t rolling. In case it’s still unclear, PETA kills and I urge you to research that and reconsider supporting their organization. OK, I’m getting off my soapbox now.

  Does this seem shady to you because it sure as hell seems shady to me. As Chris Welch points out, HBO is refusing to let people watch content they ALREADY paid for. That sort of thing sounds like it should be illegal, right? Do you think the FCC is feeling all of our uncomfortable, silent stares right now? I hope so. I mean we did write all those letters to congress and everything…


  Cool. Imma need a case of these injections. Where do I sign up?


Gross Green BeerImage Source: The Gloss

  Mmmm, “goaty” seawater beer sounds like an artisanal dream!

  You don’t suppose entitlement has anything to do with that, do you?

  I beg to differ, but I guess that depends on how you define “problem.”