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27 February 2015

    You never really expect a fabulously wealthy or widely famous person to actually pay for their crimes, so when it happens it feels infuriatingly surreal, doesn’t it?

  We’re all just going to have to start watching what we say in front of the machines. This is how it begins; I hope you know that.

  GTFO. Instead of taking the easier road, Google decided to invest the time and effort necessary to better weed out the commercial porn peddlers disguised as sexually explicit bloggers. Damn, Google. You make it hard not to be suspicious of you. You’re easy to love. Maybe too easy…


confused-beeImage Source:

  Somewhere there’s a room full of bees questioning their memories of being used in satanic cult rituals back in the 80s.

  Facebook is looking mighty fine this week. In addition to adding suicide prevention tools to their social network, they’re now allowing folks to customize their gender preferences in their profiles. Maybe the internet can become a kinder and gentler place after all, guys.

  I live in a city that refuses to bounce back and the locals aren’t helping. They can’t see the value in what they’ve got and everyone, it seems, is too good for downtown San Jose. A city is only as good as it’s citizens. Instead of comparing SJ to SF, how about we learn from the city by the Bay? Save the critiques and invest in your own town. Viva SJ!