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26 February 2015

    I would not want Tim Conatser in my local fire department. Firemen are heroes that work to keep people and animals safe. They are not people who kill innocent pets to prove a point. This man is a disgusting example of everything wrong with our loss of empathy in this society.


  The fact that the big businesses are already saying this change will ultimately lead them to raise prices, thereby hurting consumers--before even reading the full details of said rules--should tell you all you need to know about whose side they’re actually on. Hint: It's not yours. Today is a win for everyone that fought to keep the Internet free. Pat yourselves on the back, guys. Today is a good day indeed.


ABC News Sen InhofeImage Source: ABC News

  When you click away from here and you’re out in that cold, cruel world, promise me you’ll always get your science from scientists and not politicians. Please? Otherwise you’re going to end up looking just as silly as Senator Inhofe. As a reminder, the planet contains many countries, not just the U.S. and different weather is happening in all of them, simultaneously. I know, I know, mind blown. I’m telling you, science is some serious shit. Anyway, promise me!

  Oh snap. He’s hitting a little low considering that most companies in business exist to make money, just like his. Everybody's working to convince someone of something to make a buck. CNET knows what I’m talking about.

  Renewable energy, just like marijuana, is not the enemy and Google knows it. Well, at least the part about renewable resources.