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23 February 2015

    The good thing about all this is that you’re getting your shipping for free. The bad thing is they’re cutting something, somewhere, to make up the difference. I wonder what that would be. And there you have it, a smattering of guilt to go with your free shipping. Happy Monday.

  Where does it end if you give in this time? I’m afraid of the answer to that and so I’m going to have to side with the Internet on this one.

  I think Stephen Hawking is trying to tell us all to back the fuck up and calm the hell down. Keep calm, indeed.


SVImage Source: Jason Henry via The New York Times

  And yet we're  still dumb enough to get angry at people like Patricia Arquette for being rich and caring about women’s rights. I’m lookin’ at you, Dion.

DIONImage Source: Tumblr


  Some of us are way better at connecting the dots than others. I wish I was one of those people.

  The thought of a “digital dark age” terrifies me. All of my photos are now digital and the thought of losing access to them feels like my life story evaporating.