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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

20 February 2015

    And now we know why the world has suddenly become acutely aware that privacy is almost nonexistent. Yep, nobody does anything anymore if they’re not getting paid. Dang.

  So basically, we’re all starting to agree that our first driverless car--yes the ones people like you and me will own--will be iCars. Place your bets, folks. If Google doesn’t speed things along, the folks at Apple are going to steal their driverless thunder. Project Titan indeed.

  HAHA, I’m not the only one that’s tired of playing Cards Against Humanity. I can’t wait to play this until I’m sick of it, too!


WiresImage Source: Getty Images via The Independent


Apparently, hackers are kickin’ it inside an unclassified section of the State Department’s email. Yep, the government knows they’re there; they just can’t get them out. Privacy really is an illusion, y’all.

  Space really makes for a one hell of a metaphor for life, huh? “In effect, the act of merging creates a gravitational blueprint that the galaxy, the stars, and the black hole will follow in order to build themselves,”

  So what if they never make it to Mars? Someone will, eventually. I had the conversation with my husband and we decided that the next time someone’s asking for volunteers, we’re in. What about you?