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19 February 2015

    Everybody talks about how important families are, right? We tell ourselves that our families come first and we say that without them, we’re nothing. If families are critical, then why block the unions that create those families? Every single time a couple gets married, they’re creating a new family, so why block them? I’m glad these ladies got their wish and were married, but I’m sad that it took one of their medical emergencies to push the paperwork through.

  Captain Obvious called; he just said to tell you that stealing is still illegal.

  You know, I get that CEOs give up their entire existence to run a company and make a lot of money for a lot of people. I understand that they should be paid handsomely for doing a good job. I’m sure they experience a kind of stress most of us will never know and would not want to experience. However, just because you can squeeze a few more dimes out of your employees, doesn’t mean you should. “Fortune’s Stephen Gandel wrote two years ago that the retail giant could even afford to increase its workers’ pay by 50% without disappointing its shareholders and bondholders.” You can’t just call them associates, Walmart; you have to treat them that way too.


SJM-HONDA-0219Image Source Rep. Mike Honda via Twitter

  Cool Pope is out and Awesome Grandpa is in. You’re not going to find a better feel-good story online today, so you might as well click it. All the warm and fuzzies you need are here. It’s even better than videos of cute animals.

  In case you needed more proof that cable is dying, Youtube announced that they’re going to launch a pay version of their site. All your doubts should be melting away right now. This is a good thing and you need to just let it happen.

  Looks like Etsy is pulling a Walmart and the crafters are pissed. I would be too, if I were crafty.