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18 February 2015

    Welp, if we’re going to teach and expand upon the positive variations of "American exceptionalisim," then we ought to touch upon the negative as well. We can’t delude ourselves into believing we’re the only captains on this mother ship--not anymore.

  Some scuba divers just pulled an Indiana Jones off the coast of Israel. Too bad they didn’t get to keep the loot.

  Do you think we’ll ever get rid of HIV? I do. Unfortunately and with our luck, some anti-vaxxer will just bring it right back.


43Image Source: @CarlosjacoboCj via Twitter

  When will these families find peace and when will the Mexican government provide some answers? These people were learning to teach, en route to protest hiring practices, attempting to improve this world in which we’re all stuck, together and to what end? It looks like no one is willing to ‘fess up and I hope the people of Mexico don’t let up until someone does. The Revolution wasn’t that long ago, Mexico. You can do this. #43NoSonCeniza

  Oh God, we’re fat and slow. Wonderful.

  I think most people have figured out that the lack of diversity is a reflection of a biased system. At this point, I don’t want to be told why there’s a lack of diversity, I need ideas on how to go about changing that. The velvet rope can only hold people back for so long.