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16 February 2015

    Don’t let the road rage overtake you. It’s never worth it. At best you look like a hot head that can't let something go, at worst someone ends up dead. Life is too goddamn short to focus on traffic-induced stress.

  It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fiiiiiiiiiiiine.

  This woman did everything in her power to ensure that this asshole, and anyone else watching, got the message that rape is not OK. Us ladies owe this woman; she stood up for more than just herself.


TurkeyImage Source: Mehmet Yaman / Zaman / SIPA / Associated

  I wonder what the “I don’t need feminism” crew has to say about stuff like this. Should women not stand up for one another or is it more that they needn’t? Either way, if you're a woman and you can read this stuff and not worry about your own rights, you're more than ass-deep in denial.

  I must be really old school because I like to drive while sober, without talking on the phone.

  Can we get a moment of silence for the penguins?