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11 February 2015

    But, nah, we don’t need feminism…

  Makes you wonder if that’s the case with your television, is it also the case with your smartphone? I wonder how many companies employ this sort of advertising trickery in order to squeeze more money out of their customers. I’m sure Samsung isn’t the only one doing this; they’re just the ones that got caught. Poor form, Samsung, piss poor form on your part.

  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a kill switch for everything? Someone steals your car, boom—kill switch. Someone steals your TV, boom—kill switch. Someone steals your purse, boom—kill switch. I’m not sure how that last one would work, but I’m thinking a self-destruct feature that incinerates all the contents inside the bag. If you’re interested in financially backing the development of that last one, email me.


WarmImage Source: Viktor Koen via The New York Times

  Jesusfuckingchirst, people… We let it go for so long that we’re going to need a giant, reflective parasol to save ourselves.

  It’s irresponsible to opt out of vaccinating your kids. Quit putting the rest of us at risk.

  These people quit their jobs to travel the world. More evidence as to why you should watch yourself before you mock the folks with enough balls to live the dream.