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10 February 2015

    I wonder what the catalyst for the creation of this agency was. Do you think it was the many consumer data breaches we’ve seen lately or do you think it was that Sony hack that really got the ball rolling on this? Either way, at least we’re gonna get some added security where it counts. Glasses up and half full, people!

  So how come we’re all anti terrorist and extremist until it comes to Nigeria? “Since 2009, the conflict has claimed more than 13,000 lives” and it’s just now getting mentioned with increased frequency in the news. I wonder why that is, I really do, but how exactly does one figure that out? What statistics should you look at to decide which death toll makes better news? Who makes that call?

  About that cyber security agency, uh, when exactly are we getting that off the ground? You can just feel the Secret Service looking around nervously right now, can't you?


blanketImage Source: Deep Focus Review

  In addition to stardust, we are all network. It’s like that whole blanket theory they talk about in I ♥ Huckabees is true, guys. PS – The plants don’t just talk to one another, they transmit their primal, leaf-withering screams every time we cut them down or pick them from the soil. Looks like we’re all murderers, vegetarians / vegans. Welcome to the dark side.

  Hey now, they make a cute couple, don’t they? They’re almost as perfect for one another as Travelocity and Expedia. I bet they’ll all have beautiful babies together.

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