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06 February 2015

  I wonder why the number of women in undergraduate computer science programs has decreased 17% since 1985. That information seems like it is backward, but it’s not. That factoid is indeed true. What is it about computer science that keeps away the ladies? I tell ya what. If I ever had to do college again, I’d learn to code and get my degree in computer science. Tech has a lot to learn from the female perspective. I know we’re all the same and equality and all that, but men and women do oftentimes approach challenges differently. In an industry that’s been dominated by male direction since its inception, it would be interesting to see what new direction the Internet of Things would take if under the guidance of a woman.

  I dunno about Costco specifically, but I do know that the more food I keep in my house, the fatter I get. Eating a lot of food is basically what makes most people fat, right? Well, when you’re buying food in ridiculous quantities, like when you shop at Costco, serving sizes become muddled or completely invisible. We really should just list serving sizes and calorie counts on all packaging as well as all menus, in all restaurants--everywhere. That would make it so much easier to keep everything in check.

  Considering a career change? Have you looked into cyber security? Maybe something in Research and Development? Aim high, people. I’m lookin’ at you, ladies.



Printed Race CarImage Source: PCMag

  Can’t talk now. Gotta go print out my new car.

  I don’t think fear tactics work well on children. I'll be surprised if they don't end up making this kid scared to play outside, forever. PTSD is hard times, y’all. Besides, kids aren’t dumb and don’t need to be treated like hostages to understand about stranger danger.

  I still remember looking for quarters inside coat pockets and between couch cushions so that I could go to the arcade and play Mortal Kombat.