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05 February 2015

    This is it. This is where it begins. That is no theme park hotel, that’s Skynet HQ. Mark. My. Words.

  Don’t worry. The world won’t end if you look up from your phone for a few minutes. Your friends won’t forget you exist and all those memes will be waiting for you when you get back. Your phone has become a tiny cable box and you’re just perpetually flipping through channels--admit it.

  Twenty bucks this guy doesn’t even think he’s racist; I'm sure he thought moving into "the hood" gave him a hall pass to talk about his neighbors like they're subhuman. Personally, I think the only way for my hometown to stay beautiful is to get rid of trash like Jake Sherman. PS – Privacy does not exist on the Internet, not even for gentrifying white folks that work on The Hill, and that should terrify you. Happy Thursday.


Medical RecordsImage Source: Sci-Tech Today 

  Cue the evil doctor that is currently looking into getting a bunch of fecal microbiota transplants lined up for obese people, using feces donated from skinny folks. If you listen closely, you can hear the maniacal laughter.

  When American banks refuse your money, that’s when you should pause and think about what’s really behind the resistance to a drug as benign—and medically useful—as marijuana. Granted, banks are being cautious because they don’t want to face the feds down the road, since weed is still illegal on a federal level. However, close your eyes and think back to the time when banks were handing out high risk loans like they were lollipops at a pediatrician’s office, you know, right before the economy came crashing down around us—they weren’t worried about the feds then. Let those contradictions simmer in your mind and get back to me in the comments when you find clarity. I could use the help.

  If you were left questioning the veracity of my statement earlier about marijuana being medically useful, check out the article below. Then, let the resistance to weed begin to melt from your mind. If you need help with this second step, give me a call. I know a couple of tricks.