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03 February 2015

    Google doesn’t’ care about your educational pedigree. Google just wants to know if you can evolve and learn. Sounds like a logically novel and inspirationally positive step for them as a company. I’m interested to see how (and in which part/department of the company) this shift in hiring will manifest itself. I’m betting this is a positive move, creatively speaking.

  Twenty bucks says you’re not. Now, quit multitasking and take a nap when you’re done reading this post.

  This is the kind of learning that inspires the expansion of the mind while providing perspective. This approach looks to be highly effective at demonstrating differences without instilling resentment, all the while encouraging growth. Impressive. Someone should tell this teacher she’s worth her weight in gold. Wait; never mind, someone this good already knows. So, why isn’t this sort of thing more widely incorporated into the American classroom? Kids need to know more than how to take tests.


James and EvanImage Source: GoFundMe via syracuse.com

  See? Society isn’t a pile of steaming human-poo. NO! There are compassionate people out there that still dabble in the art of empathy. Let’s share in the joy of one such individual and maybe it’ll inspire us to make some positive changes when we are presented with the opportunity. socialCOmotion.com: all puppies, kittens, rainbows and happy—all of the time. You can laugh, but I can dream. :p

  Yep, humans will not progress until women are allowed to progress. I don’t know why so many continue to fight that reality. We’re not from Venus, we’re from your block and we’re not going anywhere. Quite the contrary, unless of course we’re talking about women in film…


  It takes courage to live the life you actually want and it takes constant work to be happy. If you’re going to mock someone’s attempt at doing just that, then maybe you should spend a little more time evaluating your priorities.