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02 February 2015

    Today in American politics: Our two most powerful political parties continue to disagree. Perhaps it’s time we figure out how to stop panicking in the face of change. You know, you're going to want to stop rolling your eyes at me if you want to read the article below.

  Because everyone deserves free stuff, especially in this economy:

  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s because narrow-minded thinkers are easier to control than freethinkers. You can call it conspiracy, but it looks a hell of a lot more like logic to me.


Zombie CatImage Source: Humane Society via Eyewitness News 7 (NY)

  I don’t think storming the pet hospital is going to do anyone any good, but if it were my pet, I’d be banging down the doors. Then again, I would have never buried a beloved pet until after having taken them to the vet. If only this survivor cat could talk.

  That’s cool, anti-vaxxers. You’re right; it’s your choice. However, if you choose not to vaccinate your kids, you shouldn’t be allowed to bring them outside with the rest of us. You can’t be allowed to continue to hurt others (Because you’re obviously hurting others—100 at last count.) expressing your parental rights.

  What? You thought I didn’t see you? LOL