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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

30 January 2015

    Don’t worry; 3D printers just won the Internet this Friday. Somewhere, the rest of "the machines" are secretly reveling in all this good PR, I just know it.

  I want to agree with the man, but we’ve not won. Until the drug war comes to a halt and priorities are shifted, all we’re doing is treading water. Don’t let that thought squash you buzz, though. Inhale deeper and think of even more ways to aid in the legalization of marijuana.

  …And the nation let out a collective sigh of relief. I’m serious; I could hear it all the way in California, early this morning, as the East Coast was settling into its Friday morning at the office. In Northern California, it was at 5:55 AM Pacific Time when the swoosh in the air became audible. It sounded optimistic and so I investigated. I tell ya, that's not a bad way to start a morning.


Robot CookingImage Source: PC Magazine

  Confirmed: Anyone/thing can learn to do anything by watching a Youtube video. Oh Internet, your mirages are the best kind.

  It’s about goddamn time the Nigerians got a little help from outside their borders. You’re not even gonna click the link, are you? You know all lives matter, right?

  So, uh, is your passport in order? I need to renew mine. I’ll get on that immediately and you, check yours. We’re going to want to purchase our tickets to London soon. WE NEED THIS.