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29 January 2015

    Oh I’m worried, but what do I do now? Twenty bucks it involves coding.

  "We don't need federal officials to personally support legalization, we only need them to respect the will of voters who have implemented legalization in their own states.”

-Tom Angell, chairman of the group Marijuana Majority

  I don’t think this addresses the root of the problem, but hopefully these sorts of changes will shift the conversation and alter our cultural dynamic. Rape is still a punchline and a non-crime to many and that perspective is what really needs changing.


Revenge PornImage Source: PC Magazine

  God forbid there’s a nip slip on live television, but stealing naked pictures from women and posting them on the Internet for all to see, that’s cool? I guess it’s cool for everyone, but this ONE revenge porn operator. I’m glad the FTC is shutting down this jackass, but what about the others? Revenge porn should be illegal, everywhere, all the time.

  Hey check it out, a new and technologically advanced way for us to see even more commercials. Try not to feel too fancy, first class.

  I was concerned about GMOs once, but the science doesn’t support that, so I'm not gonna sweat it no more. What say you?