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22 January 2015

    According to the attorney for the men suing the baker (in the video), "Filling an order for a customer is just that, filling an order for a customer." I agree with that sentiment. However, I’m still on the fence about this because I fully support gay marriage and equality, but I also think business owners should be able to choose with whom they do business. I suppose I'm also unsure what to think when it comes to these two examples of discrimination, because I'm all for freedom of speech and expression. We should all be able to stand up for the things in which we believe. Nonetheless, when you're a service provider, you should probably stick with providing those services while attempting to remain objective. In other words, good luck trying to figure out right from wrong in these sorts of situations--everything seems cut and dry, but it's far from that if you really think about all four sides to these next two stories: VIDEO: Why some wedding businesses say ‘I don’t’ to gay couples –

  Conservative, shman-servative, weed is not the enemy and I’m glad Jamaica has come to its senses. I wonder how this will change things on the island. I’m curious to see what impact, if any, this has on the Jamaican economy.

  Where do I sign up?


KittyImage Source: iStockphoto via NPR

  I knew it, deep down in their dark, little, feline hearts they look to us for companionship and love, despite the intensely bitchy resting faces, like this one:

Kitter face Image Source: My Cell Phone

  Or, as in my case, find an app that will allow you to challenge and compete with your partner. I can’t tell you the satisfaction I get if I win a challenge. Plus, I truly love smack talking—it brings me great joy.

  OMG, yay! Do you think this will translate into cheaper plane tickets? Oops, is my naiveté showing again?

  CONFIRMED: Everything you thought you knew is wrong.