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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

21 January 2015

    Don’t worry; you’re still not active enough. Yes, this means you should get up and go take a walk, right now.

  “Although the US government has not ruled out using similar tactics in the future, it has acknowledged the criticism it faced.” In other words, “We don’t care about your privacy. Yeah we did it and we’ll probably do it again, suckers.”

  This feels like an impending end of era, right?


Microsoft Windows 10Image Source: Elaine Thompson/AP via Wired

  Ok now we’re startin’ to get more in line with the future of The Jetsons. I like it, Microsoft. Hopefully this technology takes off. I'm intrigued at the thought of bringing virtual reality into my physical reality instead of the other way around.

  What’s that? Marijuana isn't the great destroyer of lives or a malevolent gateway to the hell of addiction? You don’t say.

  I wonder what parents do say when they're attempting to be forthcoming with their kids about their personal lifestyle choices. I bet leveling with kids works like gangbusters. Kids are pretty cool when they're not screaming in a pitch that makes your ears bleed.