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12 January 2014

    Solidarity is definitely the first step, but I want to know what’s next. Now what? Who decides? Where do we go and how do we get there? Anyone? Hello? Can I get a broad stroke?

  We all need better passwords or maybe it's that we need better security. Which one is the chicken and which one is the egg in this scenario? I can't tell anymore.

  It’s official: the machines have already won.


RobotImage Source: Thinkstock via Industry Week

  The fear is real, y’all.

  It really makes you wonder what we—you and me—consider newsworthy, doesn’t it? Don’t worry if it doesn’t, that just means you’re already dead inside and of no value to anyone anyway.

  We’re always quick to blame poor mental health for tragedy and yet we’re still unwilling to fully invest in prevention. Why do you think that is?