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05 January 2015

    I'm an ENTJ and I only know this because I've done the Myers Briggs several times in various different work environments. I always thought the test results meaningless, but it's nice to get confirmation that this thing is of zero value in the work place. Never once have I seen anyone take the Myers Briggs seriously and find it useful. Most folks get a kick out of their results and compare with their colleagues. Once that’s done, those results are shoved in a drawer, never to be seen again. That’s the drill and that has always been the drill. My only question is why do employers force you to take these stupid tests at work to begin with? It’s a waste of time, energy and money. Instead of giving people pointless tests to take, how about buying everyone lunch. I bet that would be infinitely more effective at encouraging communication amongst colleagues.

  I love when powerful people ask the media to refrain from covering their news. The letter from Buckingham palace through which lawyers reminded the British media to “proceed with caution” when reporting on Prince Andrew was intense. Sadly, it sounded a lot like Bill Cosby requesting that a question about his rape allegations (and his non-response) be “scuttled” from his interview with the Associated Press.


  Ever wonder about all the stuff floating around in the air every time another device goes wireless? I can’t be the only one. Either way, this is cool and I will be checking it out.

  Strings   Remember when everyone was talking about Snapchat and how wonderful it was that you could send images, which would self-destruct only seconds after viewing? Remember how everyone thought they had found a slice of privacy through which they could send and receive images & videos? Remember how we soon found out that nothing is really deleted forever in the digital universe? Yeah well I’m predicting that will all happen again with Strings.

  I also (and sincerely) love when people stand up for themselves. It's good to be aware, to know how and when to pick your battles and to be strategically vocal. Even the lowly worker bee deserves respect, but no one is going to give it to you,  so be prepared to take.

  I wonder if this too will be scoffed at and tossed aside. Fingers crossed it’s not. I would like to hear what this juror has to say. I hope they are not ignored.