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02 January 2015

    Ugh... OK, can we all agree that this is completely wrong? This sort of thing is why I always encourage folks to look beyond the standardized--and oftentimes altered--information spewed at them daily. Look beyond the familiar and expected if you want to truly understand anything. I can feel you itchin' to roll your eyes at my last sentence, but questioning is way harder than it sounds. Conversely, it might be that I fail at it so often because I'm a nitwit. To be honest, it could really go either way, so try it yourself and see.

  This is what the Internet is obsessed with today. It has been a long week of parties, drinks and resolutions, so I guess we don’t have the collective energy to wonder about anything deeper than the relationship between these two sports fans. Personally, I agree with that one redditor that says she looks like she forgot to turn the oven off and is now obsessing about her home possibly burning down. I like that scenario because I experience it often with the oven, the space heater, candles and other fire related items in my home. I should really get a handle on that before I burn my life down. Thoughts on her thoughts in the video? Share them in the comments below.

  It’s not a distraction if it helps you get shit done. Email keeps us connected on our own terms and at our own pace. Besides, it is the best way for me to ensure I cover my ass whenever I work on a project with lots of moving parts and multiple owners. Email is a business lifesaver, at least for the people who know how and when to use the Reply to All option. To those of you that abuse the Reply to All button: everyone else in your office hates you. Happy Friday.


Prof PoliakoffImage Source:University of Nottingham 

  Knighted for helping men across the globe get boners. This would be less irritating news if ladies had boner pills of their own.

  Let’s take a break from reading / watching how poorly Bill Cosby handles rape accusation after rape accusation, shall we?  Instead, let's see how the British royals do it? C’mon, lets get cosmopolitan with this, guys.

  “Comcast, Verizon and AT&T have claimed for years that if the Federal Communications Commission lumps broadband service providers into the same legal category as other public utilities, like telephone companies, the Internet as we know it will cease to exist.” <-- That's correct, because we're looking for progress. Nice try, Comcast, Verizon and AT&T, but you can't rule forever. Even Standard Oil had to stand down, eventually.