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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

31 December 2014

    The hunter becomes the hunted as this situation quickly spins into something akin to an episode of Black Mirror (Netflix), which is my new favorite show if you hadn’t noticed by now.

  Nothing is real anymore, guys.

  WTH? How is that fair? Does Marriott really think their guests pose a major security threat or do they want to make a little more money with each check in? Grow up Marriot. If you want to make even more millions by taking away your guest’s freedom to use their own Wi-Fi connection, just say so. Level with your customers and it will all be OK. One day, it might even be general knowledge that you nickel and dime your guests and no one will even care.


Broadcast YourselfImage Source: Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images News

  I sure wish I'd had this handy that time I was accused of doing nothing but surfing the internet while at work. I found the accusation sketchy since I did an insane amount of work that was recognized and appreciated throughout the office. Not sure how that factored into my colleagues decision to complain about me--alls I know is perspective can be one helluva bitch sometimes.

  I want to feel bad for laughing as I read this, but I can’t. This scenario makes way more sense than the North Korea version, but hey, I’m mostly wrong about important stuff, so don’t mind this loser blogger. In actuality, we should all just believe everything the FBI tells us, right?

  Goodbye 2014. For me, you started off horrifyingly--on New Year’s Eve no less--and so, I will hate you forever. Don’t go away mad, just go away. Good to see you 2015, I’ve been looking forward to your arrival all year.


Happy New Year, everybody and thanks for stopping by. Your clicks truly mean the world to my bank account and me. Oh, and hey--don't forget to chase after those dreams in 2015. It’s now or never, y’all.

Best, Jane