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30 December 2014

    Hold up, did Korean Air just make an example of an executive whose father is the chief executive of the entire airline? Get outta here with that. No way. Wait, seriously? It’s like nothing I know is real anymore, guys.

  I don’t understand how Skiplagged is the problem. This money-saving site is thought to be unfair competition in an industry where gouging customers is standard practice?  Right. Well, seeing as airlines are allowed to oversell their flights and charge for everything from peanuts to suitcases, United and Orbitz should just STFU already. If y’all (airlines) can game us, we should most certainly be allowed to legally hustle you right back.

  Does this make it official? Can we now honestly say people don't think rape is a big deal? That is what it means when people ignore a bunch of women getting raped on their watch, right? Nothing seems to be improving and still many rapists aren't even held accountable. I thought rape was against the law, but taking into considering how ineffectively this crime is handled, I could be wrong.


lazerprincessImage Source: Lazer Princess via tumblr.com

  If your heart hasn’t been broken today, don’t worry. I got you. By the way, her parents’ post regarding her death is the most disappointing thing I’ve read so far today.

  Can someone stab San Francisco in the throat for me? Please?

  Yep, everybody was hacked. Hell, I had to change all sorts of passwords--some multiple times--this year. I should start writing those down somewhere. No good shall come of this.