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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

24 December 2014

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Google were Skynet? You know the thought terrified you for a fraction of a second—admit it.

  It’s Christmas and we should all read some good news for once, right? OK then, dig in. It’s still sad that the deceased’s friend wouldn't take the dog, though.

  Attention: FedEx would like everyone to just calm it the eff down and let them catch their breath. OK, this is where we laugh maniacally in unison. On three, one…two…three.


BloodImage Source: Getty Images via BBC News

  So, only gay men that are bravely surviving a harsh dry spell can donate blood? Thanks for attempting to convince us we’re stuck in the 50s, FDA.

  Turns out we're all creatures from the Black Lagoon.

  Everything is killing you slowly: these letters, that cursor, those Christmas lights—everything!