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23 December 2014

    Protesters are supposed to stick to their guns and I get that, but I don’t see why we can’t all stop for a second to honor all good cops by honoring these men that died just doing their jobs. Peace isn’t weakness; it’s unity. It’s not about dividing, but understanding and evolving. I can feel y’all rolling your eyes at me right now and that’s OK, but we’ve done it this way forever and we’ve not achieved much since the days of black and white TV. Division only works if you’re the conqueror, not the other way around.

  So this pattern is going to be ignored by everyone in the legal system? Everyone? I wonder if they realize (i.e. care) that they’re just giving good cops a bad name?

  If you use social media for work, promotion or even personal stuff, it’s interesting to see just how many people you’re reaching in any given time period. If you use Twitter to try and expand an audience, this is a goldmine of useful and free data.


Space WrenchImage Source: NASA via Space.com

  It’s pretty neat when you see stuff that used to exist only in futuristic sci-fi movies and television shows become reality. The future isn’t just now--it’s all the time.

  Everything fun is in fact bad for you. Everything. I guess we should all read the classic way when we’re reading before bed. That’s cool because I still prefer real books to tablets and phones for reading. Something about turning an actual page is highly satisfying.

  What do you say if, after you’re done reading this, we go outside for a walk or something? Yeah? C’mon, you know you wanna. Let’s go…