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22 December 2014

    What the hell, San Jose? I feel like you’re trying to tell me not to live in you. First off, downtown is rather stabby and that's a problem since it's also where everyone in the city hangs out. In addition to that, you stick everybody who lives here with a shorthanded police force for the longest time while actively treating  the homeless like trash that needs taking out. All that and you also let stuff like this happen. Why don’t you love me back, SJ? Why don't you want to be the best version of yourself?  I love that you're a little crowded, somewhat grimy and replete with character and charm. You're my kind of paradox, so why do you insist on pushing me away?

  Black lives matter because ALL lives matter. No more eyes for eyes, no more teeth for teeth. Respect life instead. There was no need to end two lives and uproot countless others. The cops shouldn’t do it and neither should anyone else. There’s no re-spawn and there’s no stunt-double; death sticks and death can destroy. Today, with issues like police brutality and violence against women running rampant —don’t forget this guy shot his ex-girlfriend before he executed the cops—we should have figured out by now that death is not the optimal solution to violence. It’s time to rethink our problem-solving skills, y’all.


North Korea GoogleImage Source: David Guttenfelder / Associated Press via Mashable

  So, it looks like North Korea might have possibly freaked out after President Obama said it was going to take more than a movie studio hack to scare our nation into submission. That’s awesome and everything, but it’s far less effective (as a declaration) knowing that the American entertainment subsidiary of Sony (Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc) had already surrendered on its knees. Tune in next time for another terrifying episode of Digital Warfare: The Sony Diaries.

  Looks like we all have the potential to regrow connections to lost memories. I wonder if this kind of thing might result in False Memory Syndrome.  That would be one hell of a horrifying side effect, considering how often we find ourselves to be our own worst enemies.

  Check this out for a brief and highly relevant lesson in Mexican history. If it sounds familiar, keep reading; if it doesn’t, take a look at the situation on this side of the border and look harder.