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19 December 2014

    Captain Obvious called to remind me that “the Zuckerberg kid is now 30 and thus the youth he built his empire upon must now depart; thems the rules, I thought you knew.” That bastard is always right. I kind of hate him.

  No. Way. You mean TV doctors that peddle product after product on their shows, give bad medical advice? Do you think they do it to better position their products--just to make a buck?! OK, OK, disengage Sarcasm Mode. Moving on, question everything and be on your toes around your actual doctor. Just because regular doctors have medical degrees hanging all over their walls, doesn’t mean they can’t be wrong.

  I’ve never really been a Blackberry fan, but considering the current (and projected future) sate of personal data security, it is finally starting to look like an option. Blackberry just might come back from the dead after all, guys. Hooray?


Tornado DestructionImage Source: Getty Images via The BBC

  Sounds like good news for people living in Tornado Alley. If some birds can detect the low rumbling of a tornado, thousands of kilometers away, then I’m sure there’s a way to duplicate that for people. I wonder how many lives a device like that could save. Earlier detection would allow people in the path of a tornado more time to either evacuate or find a safe place to hunker down. Nature’s got a built in alarm, and maybe now we can benefit from it too, pretty awesome.

  I drink like someone from Tajikistan, “which is the joint 41st lightest-drinking country in the world.” I also drink 48% less than the average American woman and 81% less than the average American male. What about you?

  Oh good, I’m glad someone realized that a lot of kids are repeatedly and absentmindedly handed controllers so that they might entertain themselves, thereby freeing up time for parents and caretakers. It’s no wonder we’ve got all this misogynistic crap floating around the gaming world. If no one can take the time to tell their kids that this kind of stuff is dangerous, it will grow and spread, like a dreadful cancer. Wait, nevermind, it already has. Remember #GamerGate? Thankfully (Hopefully?) these folks are helping us embark on a new era of gaming with less misogyny and more badass female characters (i.e. fully developed, capable and relevant characters that add depth to a game's storyline).