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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

17 Dec 2014

    Surprise; we’re cool with Cuba again and Obama says he’s gonna ask congress to lift the embargo. Are the crickets chirping extra loud for anyone else right now?

  A badass chick that fights violence against women and who also happens to ride on the back of a tiger to get around? It’s about goddamn time. I’m looking at you, Marvel.


  I was surprised when I first read this and then I thought to myself, “silly Jane, this isn’t shocking at all. It’s sad.” The Koch brothers are slowly buying up America only to move on and attempt global domination, I’m sure of it. Once they achieve internet dominance, they'll realize they're already half way there and by then, it will be too late for the rest of us.


Quantum Credit Cards Impossible to HackImage Source: Discovery News

  From what I understand, this is pretty amazing. Time travel is coming, y’all. I can see it on the horizon. We’re getting closer with every discovery and innovation.

  Join me to learn some stuff about quantum mechanics? C’mon, I know you want to. It’s interesting and besides, there’s a video. The video is excellent and awesomely interactive. Note: video will not work if you’re trying to play it from a mobile device. Wait till you’re home and try it on a legit computer. Don't fret if you can’t watch it right now, just make a note to do it later. It’s fascinating and mostly easy to understand—cool stuff if you're into science. You can still read the article below, though, even if you're on a mobile device.