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Hey everybody, I realize it's borderline evil to remind you of Friday afternoon on a Monday, but since I was experiencing some serious technical issues with's hosting service last Friday, I was unable to post the News Links for the day. The site was down for over 12 hours and I'm still pissed. Because I experience these sorts of outages fairly regularly, I'll be switching hosting services as soon as my contract with the current provider is up.

Anyhoo, since I couldn't post this on Friday, you're getting it today, in addition to the Monday News Links. It’s Twofer Monday, y’all. Thanks for hanging in there and coming back today. You're the best and don’t you let let anyone tell you different.


Not Breaking, but Interesting News

12 December 2014

  You mean anti-corruption packages are a real thing? Can we get a few of these going here in the U.S.? Wait, we’d need congressional approval for that sort of thing, right? Never mind. We’re screwed, you guys.

  Demonstrations are just that, an example of what can be accomplished when working alongside others. Maybe nothing was gained or maybe the most important goal was achieved. What do you think? I’m sure you can guess where I stand and if you can’t by now, you should really visit my site more often. :)

  Unfortunately, cool-Pope just made me question the Catholic faith even further. It’s a nice sentiment, no doubt, but how can a religious belief change just because the dude in the fanciest hat said so? Is the dude in the hat God? What’s the logic there? Look, I would love nothing more than to be certain that I’ll see my most awesome Chihuahua--best friend I’ll ever have--again, but why is it true now when it wasn’t last year? Until recently, it was a common belief that while dogs had souls, they weren’t like human souls and dogs ceased to exist (in any form) upon death.


This update does nothing to clear up the comments made by Pope Francis, at least not for me. If you find clarity in this article, please share it with me in the comments section below the post.


Face-sitting protest UKImage Source: Katie Engelhart via Vice News


Female sexual pleasure is a beautiful, glorious and powerful thing. I know, I know, you’re questioning that last bit—the part about it being powerful. That’s understandable, but why else do you think they banned all depictions of it in U.K.-produced porn, because it’s not decent or because they find it immoral? LOL, y’all. LOfuckinL.

  Hey, San Jose, are you taking notes yet? I’m just curious. Think about it. Merry Christmas.

  Womanhood: An Oftentimes Cumbersome Existence.