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11 December 2014

    I have a sharp distaste of pedophiles, as I’m sure most decent folks do. Pedos prey on the innocent and destroy the lives of children, just to get off. With that said, I don’t see why this guy shouldn’t collect his 3 million dollars in winnings from the Florida State Lottery. He’s done his time and while that fails to absolve him of his disgusting crimes, he’s paid his debt. Why should Florida deny him money that is rightfully his? Because it makes people feel better? Bullshit. The world is a dreadful place at times and more often than not, rather unfair. In this particular instance, life threw a little luck in the direction of a pedophile, so what? It’s not like he went and molested a kid in order to win. If one man’s luck (no matter how distasteful his character) is enough to enrage a community, those folks should read the news more often and focus that anger. Remember to make the rage useful, y’all.

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  Further lessons in life being rather unfair:

“The CFPB attributes part of the problem to a debt collection practice called “parking.” The federal agency says some debt collectors will ding the consumer’s credit before even notifying the consumer that there’s an outstanding medical bill. “Parking” the debt where it can do the most damage motivates the person to pay it off quickly. Sometimes insurers ultimately pay the costs—after a consumer’s credit may have already suffered.”

  All right, looks like my original iPod will be going into a safety deposit box for the next twenty or so years.


Yan LeCun via Josh Valcarcel-WiredImage Source: Yan LeCun via Josh Valcarcel / Wired

  OK, maybe I’ll change my mind on this whole A.I. / Skynet situation if the A.I. can stop asshole frenemies from posting the most unfortunate and unflattering pictures I’ve ever seen of myself. You know who you are. Wait. Did I just subtweet in a News Links post? By golly, I think I did.  

  Some might find Evan Williams' form of expression offensive, but I find it refreshing. Seems Williams is a man after my own heart, cursing freely and getting right to the point.

Well done


  Welp, here’s to hoping ‘cause we all see spikes where nothing should exist sometimes.