RIP Justice

Black Lives MatterPeter Fimrite via The Chronicle

Yesterday a New York City grand jury decided against indicting a police officer that killed an unarmed man using an illegal chokehold. The incident was caught on video. In that video, Eric Garner exchanges heated words with police. Garner asks to stop being harassed, asks police not to touch him, then, he throws his hands up and that’s when officer Daniel Pantaleo puts him into a chokehold. Eric Garner’s last words were “I can’t breathe.”

I watched that video; I watched as paramedics carted Eric Garner’s body away from the scene. I sat in disbelief at what I’d seen and then I remembered that this wasn’t a rare occurrence. Then I remembered Tamir Rice, then I remembered Mike Brown and then I wept. I may be a tough gal, but I cried y’all. I cried because I was frustrated. I cried at the senseless loss of life. I cried because it felt like no one cared.

Does anyone care? Yeah, they do. They protest, they march, they organize and they demonstrate. They sign petitions, make donations and they educate. If you care, pick a path and do your part. Force the change we need to see in this country. Take a stand against racism and abuse of power. Open your eyes wide enough to see just how far we haven’t come and weep with me.

RIP Eric Garner RIP Tamir Rice RIP Mike Brown RIP to everyone that came before them and those that will come after. #RIPJustice

Black lives matter because all lives matter.