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04 December 2014

    "When accountability falters, trust also falters." - U.S. Attorney Steven Dettelbach

  Who me? I’m just standing here being all impressed by the U.S. Navy. What’er you doin’?

  Does it really make you feel safer to know that the NSA et al. are watching your every move? Does it make you feel more free?


Dutch Cocaine AlertImage Source: Imgur

  You can’t go wrong with the Dutch. At least that’s what my friend said after marrying the coolest Dutchman I’d ever met (up until that point). She later moved to a town in the Netherlands, bought a bike, learned Dutch, had a kid and never looked back. This sort of thing is sounding less and less alien to me. I love my country, but lately it doesn't feel like it loves me back.

  It’s pretty shitty when people say those sorts of things about you (I'm Latina) and then pretend it shouldn't be offensive. If we're ever going to move past bullshit racism, we're going to have to just admit it when it happens. How else do you expect to grow if you can't identify where you fucked up? PS – To Ms. Wanda Ginner: Choose your words more carefully next time, madam. Your donations do not give you carte blanche to offend those that benefit from them.

  Looks like we began to evolve a more sophisticated manner of thinking much earlier than previously thought. Does that mean we’ve not come a long way, baby?