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24 November 2014

    It’s reassuring to read stuff from the perspective of folks who understand that this isn’t just about Bill Cosby, but about the industries, money and power which enabled such reprehensible—and illegal--behavior to become acceptable.

  The Vatican’s “promoter of justice” knew about sexual abuse too and he hid it as well. It seems power is a hell of a drug.

  Lesson one on how the rich get richer:


CuomoBrown1 Image Source: Mike Groll / Associated Press via Mashable

  Stay informed because it seems your elected officials are not. What better way to CYA than to listen and be prepared? Also, who thought no one would fact check these claims? Seriously, who? They aren’t calling this the information age for nothin’, y’all.

  Don’t get me wrong, I see her point, it’s valid. However, isn’t all marketing / advertising a huge bet on making you feel compelled to separate yourself from your hard-earned cash or engage in some other desired behavior? P.S. I have no shame in clicking no. When I don’t have money to give away, it’s easy as fuck to say no to charitable assault.

  Encourage your kids to attend a school that doesn’t think it’s OK to rape people. Money should never buy you the privilege to physically violate people, but alas, it buys much more than that.