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20 November 2014

    Looks to me like he’s framing this with the national talent pipeline. Interesting strategy, though leaving things as is and just making them legal isn’t a complete plan of action. I’m curious to see how this plays out. As the child of immigrants I’ve seen first hand how red tape can strangle the life out of an otherwise flourishing family.

  What the hell have we done to break people so that they're reduced to shooting up their schools / places of employment / other public spaces when they find themselves at the end of their ropes? Every day, more connected and isolated--that's us, y'all.

  Captain Obvious called: He wanted to know if you were down to stream Mr. Smith Goes to Washington tonight. He said he’s got popcorn. Call him back.


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  Ah ha! Looks like we do have access to some measure of retaliation against all this digital peeping. The tool is free though, so think about how it might be that you’re paying since this transaction doesn’t involve money.

  Bookmark this article, guys. That way, when you’re in line, waiting to pay at the stores this Thanksgiving, you’ll have sometime to read.

  Enough already with the short end of the stick...