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19 November 2014

    The mentality that backs violence against women is nothing new and yet we can’t seem to escape from the grip it has on our global culture.

Bonus Links

  Alternatively, revel in your awkward initial tweets and then marvel at how much you’ve grown.

  Oh good, I’m not the only one that’s worried and side-eyeing the A.I. out there.


Flight PathImage Source: Thinkstock via the BBC

  The term super-commuter sounds horrifying; I don’t care what these people say. I’m positive my previous commute was killing me not so softly. Conversely, I like the creativity these people have employed to establish that mythical work-life balance. I like solutions people.

  In case it’s unclear, it’s not just the government or social media that’s tracking your every move. Did these Uber people not get Uncle Ben’s memo on great power?

  If I donated I’d put nothing but pictures of mullets and cats in my digital memory box.