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14 November 2014

    Today on Adding Insult to Injury:

  That’s nice, but why can’t he build them homes? They’re called the homeless for a reason.

  Your religion should not compromise women’s access to birth control; your religion need only affect your life. Your freedom should not restrict the freedom of the American woman and I’m glad this appeals court in Washington agrees. It’s about damn time.


PlaneImage Source: Getty Images via BBC News

  I discussed this with my IT guru of a husband and he said, “It should be pretty fucking obvious. Our cell phones are always looking for a nearby tower and it’s fairly easy to triangulate our locations at any given time. Also, there are certain functions on our cell phones which cannot be turned off under the guise of 911 emergency service access, so regardless, you can be found.” See? Someone is always watching.

  Captain Obvious called and all I heard was this weird noise. I think he was just rolling his eyes extra hard.

  It’s Friday, I’m in Vegas and I’ve been working all morning. No more news. I’m cutting it short to go have fun and if you can sneak out of your office early today too, give it a go. If you can’t, just watch this video for a little comic relief. Remember, if you see yourself in this cat’s eyes, just know that you’re not alone. Enjoy the weekend, y’all.