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11 November 2014

    Every day I feel a little bit better about shutting off most of my cable. How long do you think it will be until cable becomes extinct?

  Let’s watch science make history tomorrow, shall we?

  Thanks, Iran. Where can I place my order? I’m going to need one in every room of my house and a small one to put in my car.


Image Source: Diverse Images / UIG via Getty Images

  Keep in mind that while the structure of the brain may be altered, that does not necessarily indicate that brain function deteriorates. If you want information on that possibility, you’re going to have to fund another study.

  Look beyond what you know and what’s established. Look for answers where you see only problems and you never know what you might find. It’s all about perspective when you’re innovating.

  This is what bullshit looks like. For the record, if you want to take pictures of your own naked body, do that shit. Be careful how you store those images and control all access to them. Revenge porn usually isn’t illegal, even if it’s always disgusting.